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With Hyderabad making great strides in IT\ ITES and BPO it is now a reality that the city has made its mark across the globe. India is now doubt has prominent technology parks spread across several states. And not to mention the wave of SEZ

With the government taking special interest by creating attractive policies that bring investment so that various industries whether IT, manufacturing or other sector industries get benefited.

The growth of the IT industry also brought along with it improvements in the quality of real estate developments. Several builders and infrastructure providers have created office space Hyderabad in the form of technology parks. With these developments, they hope to cater to technology companies by providing the kind of infrastructure they require for their business.

Companies started setting up, expanding, merging and getting acquired. This accelerated the need for hyderabad commercial office space. Companies wanted huge spaces to seat their hundreds of employees; they felt the need to look for large plots of land, instead of being in separate buildings spread all over the city.

The IT-ITeS industry is single handedly driving the real estate boom in India. According to realty experts, IT-BPO companies account for 80% of total commercial space absorption in India.

While most the cities are already witnessing running out of vacant office space this has lead to increase in the rate of office space. All this is making companies who are looking for office space Hyderabad alternative options like moving to places, where it can prove cost effective for companies.

Many companies are looking into tier two areas where the real estate prices are not yet skyrocketing. The reason is the lower real estate prices and good infrastructure besides a more stable pool of talent.

More and more real estate developers are developing commercial real estate and IT parks in less developed area to attract the BPO, IT and ITeS players in search of hyderabad commercial office space.

While if some are making plans to move to less developed cities others are of the view that, moving to tier two cities might be cost effective, but still does not make business sense.

They further feel that the infrastructure that city boasts is far better than what is offered in the tier two cities. They may be cheaper but moving to the smaller cities is not always a good business proposition. So to remain in city or to move to suburbs is more and more becoming attention seeker.

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Commercial lending to small businesses is already on life support based on a number of business financing statistics. Commercial banking companies in many instances would have failed some time ago without government bailouts. As bad as that perspective might sound, this report will provide an even more negative outlook for the future of working capital financing and small business finance programs. Overall it currently appears that commercial loans represent the next big problem for banks and other lenders.

During the past year or so, several banking problems have received significant publicity. These difficulties were largely related to the rising number of home foreclosures which in turn caused a ripple effect involving various investments tied to home loans. Such investments lost value so rapidly that they became known as toxic assets. When banks stopped making many loans (including small business financing), the federal government provided bailout funding to many banks to enable them to keep operating. While most observers would argue that the bailouts were made with the implicit understanding that bank lending would resume in some normal fashion, the banks seem to be hoarding these taxpayer-provided funds for a rainy day. By almost any objective standard, commercial lending activities have all but abandoned small business finance needs.

Based on recent commercial banking statistics, it seems that small business financing is already the next big problem for many banks. In part this is due to the general decline in commercial real estate values during the past several years. This has resulted in some significant bankruptcies when many large commercial property owners have been unable to either make their commercial mortgage payments or refinance debt (or both). While these difficulties were predominantly happening with large real estate companies and did not regularly involve small businesses, the resulting bank losses are clearly having an impact now on commercial lending to small business owners.

Much like the residential mortgage toxic assets caused banks to stop normal lending because of a shortage of capital, commercial banking losses on large commercial real estate loans are already causing many banks to stop or reduce their small business finance activities. The bank losses from large commercial property investors are producing a ripple effect that has caused small business financing to effectively disappear until further notice. While small business owners did not cause this problem, they are suffering the immediate consequences when banks are unable or unwilling to provide normal levels of commercial financing to them.

As with many complex situations, one problem will lead to another. The failure to obtain normal business financing will most likely lead to an increasing number of commercial loan defaults by small businesses. Prudent business owners should begin to take action now in a timely manner to avoid such negative consequences. With proper actions, the biggest small business finance problems can be anticipated and avoided.

Stephen Bush and AEX Commercial Financing Group provide small business finance options for working capital financing, merchant cash advances and commercial loans throughout the United States.


If the idea of investing in Commercial Real Estate appeals to you, then maybe you can take the first step towards doing so – by investing in your education. You see, to understand the value of the Commercial Real Estate around you, you need to know the ins and outs of Commercial Real Estate and real estate investment. This will help you avoid money pit investing so that you wind up with a quality Commercial Real Estate investment that will appreciate in worth over time.

The first thing you really have to understand about investing in the right Commercial Real Estate is that it is really possible to do so. Despite what many naysayers may have been telling you, Commercial Real Estate investment is a good one. Even in today’s declining US housing market, or residential real estate, the commercial market has not seen the decline in value that the residential market has. Commercial investors are typically smarter and don’t make the ‘emotional’ moves that a residential investor might make. So as a result, the commercial real estate did not experience the false appreciation that housing saw.

Second, don’t let fear get in the way of sound Commercial Real Estate investing. Once you have been educated in what you have to look for in quality structures, use your inner voice to let you know which ones are good to buy within your investment budget. Then combine that inner voice with good, sound research. Quality research can help show you which investments are more likely to be winners, which ones are just so-so, and which ones will never amount to anything unless you tear them down and start over.

One more important step is to make financial plans for the long-term. This means that you should anticipate your financial goals as mini-steps that you have to pursue step by step until you see the bigger financial picture unfolding before you. You won’t feel so intimidated about pursuing investments if you understand what you are doing first.

If you are new to commercial real estate investment, it would be a wise choice to hire someone who understands it, and has been around. A good commercial real estate investment broker can greatly increase the potential for success in your investment. You, as the buyer/investor, should be represented by a professional. The seller most likely will be, so make sure you’ve got a team on your side.

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Commercial real estate means a property that is able to generate additional income for the its owner. When one says commercial real estate it generally includes building for offices, apartment units, real properties, raw land and condos. All kinds of properties that are able to produce revenue for the owner are called commercial properties. Commercial real estate does not include those that are habitable such as apartment building or houses.

During the last decade there has been a lot of people who has been investing in it or land that are considered commercial. People are generating huge income out of these commercial real estates. There are certain principles of commercial real-estate. The owner of the property, the agent of real estate and the developer follows the same principles. The agents of real estate that are used for commercial purposes help in giving the best features to a prospective buyer. They also provide the best deals so that the buyers can buy from them and in the process can increase their profits. Agents of commercial real estate are helpful for tenants and buyers.

The best commercial estate should be chosen depending on ones requirements. Choosing the property at the best of locations helps in future growth and development of the commercial property. The benefits of a good location are enormous as the number of people visiting and buying from ones commercial establishment is high. It should be chosen in such places for higher efficiency. The best areas to choose a commercial real-estate are near areas of high traffic like railway station or bus station. These areas can be used for restaurants, stores or hotels.

The best way to generate high revenues is by investing in such property. It is important to remember that investing at the right time and right place is the best way to earn more and more profits. The best way to find a good real-estate for commercial purpose is by consulting financial advisors. Even if one has a small business investing in commercial real estate is a good option as business can be expanded by buying such type of property in an appropriate place. In case of people with large business commercial real estate is the best place and way to expand business and generate more revenue.

However it is important to remember that there are several providers of commercial real estate. So the reputation of the concerned provider should be thoroughly checked. Moreover there are several terms and conditions and interest rates and these should be checked before entering into an agreement in order to get the best deal.

There are several websites that give the best deals in such a business. So the best way to search the best deals is through there Internet as one finds a lot of information on agents and financial institutions that provide quotes of its properties. By using the on-line facility one can save a lot of time and money on knowing the various rates. Apart from these advantages comparison on the services provided can be made.

Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc) is an international internet marketer and business consultant, and has published more information about investments on


 This report tracks the rise of the offshore BPO phenomenon, analysing the make-up of the current outsourced market and competitive landscape of vendors in the context of a globalising services market faced with global recessionary pressures.Scope.
 Our research reports span the global software and IT services domain covering: strategic issues, technology and services, companies and markets. Research has, for over 20 years been focused at the junction of the technical and commercial domains. Our strategic issues agenda addresses the major disruptions that are affecting both the software and IT services suppliers, and their customers that they serve
 Ensuring that technology investments drive competitive advantage, and that technology spend is not all absorbed by routine and non-differentiating technology, is more important than ever. Developing repeatable assets, new approaches to service innovation and moving into adjacent segments are all being tried – as are many other approaches. What is clear is that selecting the right markets to focus on is more important than ever.
 Reasons to Purchase
 Research will help you understand how new trends will affect the overall structure of the market. Our research reports assess the major players are in a market category. We reveal how suppliers should improve their products and services positioning. For more information about how this specific research report can help your business please contact us.
Table of Contents : 
Executive summary
 In a nutshell
 Globally sourced BPO outlook and recommendations
 An India-centric industry and an Anglo-centric market
 Indian BPO expertise drives the agenda
 The economic downturn will accelerate adoption
 ‘Offshoring’ goes ‘global sourcing’ in the next decade
 Moving up the value chain
 M&A activity will increase
 A ‘land-grab’ for an immature market
 The evolution of the offshore BPO market
 Reaching a turning point
 The Indian offshore revolution
 IT as an enabler
 Captives enter the market
 High-end BPO: from voice to knowledge
 Voice services fallout
 High-end BPO
 Global sourcing hits the mainstream
 India remains the lynchpin
 The global economic downturn is accelerating global sourcing
 Maturity phase
 Market trends in globally sourced BPO
 Regional trends in offshoring
 Anglo-centric market
 The UK punching above its weight
 A globalising client base
 Continental Europe: the next wave?
 Offshore BPO competitive landscape
 Two separate convergent trends
 Not there yet…
 The big deal players and trends
 Leading Indian BPO vendors
 ‘Pure play’
 Vendor positioning
 Aditya Birla Minacs
 EXL Service
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I know there are a lot of real estate schools out there but I am looking for one that will teach me the most information they can on commercial real estate in specific. It has to be a school I can do online or through correspondence. Thanks!


Realtors in Chennai

A rapid development has taken place in the real estate market in India since post independence. This change has given India a total new perspective. Various states like Gujarat, Chennai, and many are witnessing a major growth in the property development both in the residential as well as commercial sector. Chennai is one of the most important metro cities in India and the real estate market of Chennai is growing fast. The demand for both commercial and residential properties has shot up and renowned realtors in Chennai are making investment on large scale to bring about a complete infrastructural revolution in Chennai. Their projects are well planned and have an aesthetic look to it. Building of shopping malls, commercial spaces in Chennai, business centers and multiplexes are coming up in large numbers which are contributing to the emerging real estate market in Chennai.

The Chennai property sector has become highly organized because of the huge investment by the foreign companies setting up their operations in India. Furthermore, the government of Chennai is also very supportive to this emerging urbanization hence, Chennai realtors are leaving no stone unturned in developing in acquiring international projects. Property developers in Chennai like Pacifica have developed IT parks in Chennai with the state-of-the-art facilities and services.

Realtor companies in Chennai are developing projects which meet and match international standards. However, they keep looking for better feature which they can add to their construction. Today, the major stress is on building projects which are environmental friendly and therefore, real estate companies in Chennai are opting for green and natural ambience for their projects.

The property market in India is not only developing in Chennai but all over the country as well. More and more company both national as well as international are investing in this sector. The requirement of office spaces in Chennai and office condos in Chennai have increased.  Plots are being acquired by realty firms in Chennai, which are beneficial to both investors as well as plot owners. Commercial properties in Chennai have almost come to a point where it is difficult in getting a business office space in Chennai’s prime location. But with proper help and guidance one can accquire a good office space in Chennai.

Location such as Old Mahabalipurum and Guindy in Chennai are witnessing a rapid make over in commercial sector especially by the BPO industries. So real estate developers in Chennai like Pacifica are offering the best office condos in Chennai to buyers. With a team of professionasl they are being able to guide potential investors into buying office spaces at prime location in Chennai.

Pacifica companies is a real estate property developer with the head office in Ahmedabad in India. Vast Real Estate portfolio of this Real Estate Property Development company includes Residential Property, Hotels, Office Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Condos, Retail Shopping Centers, Apartment projects, Mixed-use Developments, and Land Development Projects in US as well as in India. SEO services provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO Opal Infotech, India.


Is there a range of commissions or fees most commercial real estate brokers use? For example residential real estate varies but is between 5-7% depending upon the area of the country.

Could someone provide a rough outline of commercial real estate broker pricing?